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 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is NeatStats?

A: NeatStats is one of the best free website tracking service on the web. NeatStats provides hit counters and web stats for personal and business websites around the world.

Q: What can I do with NeatStats?

A: NeatStats is often used to:

  • Count unique visitors to your website.
  • Display a text-based or graphical counter.
  • You can use invisible counter too.
  • Easily see how many visitors you've gotten in the last day, week, month etc.
  • See statistical breakdowns of key visitor information.
  • Track multiple pages on your website separately or together.
  • Monitor the keywords that people used used to reach to your website through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn etc
  • Compare traffic sent by various Search Engines

Q: Any other Advantage of Neat Stats ?

A: Yes you can use it to

  • Track the progress of your SEO (Search Engine optimization) Projects
  • Track the Progress Of your Advertising Campaigns

Q: The service free ?

A: Yes the service is 100% free !!

Q: Will you charge anything from me in future ?

A: No, We won't charge you anything.

Q: How do you provide it free ?

A: We recover its cost from advertisers.

Q: Will you put your ads on my website ?

A: No, we don't put any ads on your website. Only the small counter image will be visible on your page which will track your website statistics. You can paste it at the bottom of the pages which you want to track. If you don't want to display counter image on your website then you can choose the option "inivisible counter" too.

Q: Your code will transfer our secret information, credit card numbers etc to Neatstats.com?

A: Absolutely No, as our code only tracks the website statistics. It doesn't have ability to track any other information like credit card numbers, passwords etc

Q: Which pages will it track ?

A: It will track all the pages where you have pasted the code.

Q: Where can I found the code that I need to paste in my web pages?

A: It can be found in your Neat Stats control panel(after you login).

Q: How can I check my website statistics ?

A: You can check it using the "View Stats" option in your Neat Stats control panel.

Q: From where can I login to my Neat Stats control panel?

A: You can login through http://www.neatstats.com/login.php

Q: Can anyone else check my website statistics ?

A: No. Statistics are password protected and only you can view the statistics.

Q: Can I alter the counter code?

A : No you shall not alter the counter code else it may stop working or your stats account might gets suspended.



Q: Can I keep my counter invisible to my visitors?

A : Yes while signing up you may choose the counter style "invisible counter" where no image is shown.


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